relaxation engineer [ree-lak-sey-shuh n | en-juh-neer] n.

1. A person who cleverly devises experiences and environments conducive to recreation or rest.

2. One who installs custom hammocks.

What started out as my “bar job” – the thing I tell strangers I do for work when I don’t want to describe my actual profession (see definition #2) – has become my leisurely purpose. I’m a school psychologist enthusiast by trade, but I live to travel. Thanks to my father’s military career, I spent so much of my childhood abroad that by the time I returned to the U.S. for college, I felt like I was a foreigner.

Throughout my childhood, and even now, my dad would ask “you good for a thousand miles?” or reiterate that I was “born to travel.” I had grown accustomed to a lifestyle that was put on hold for a bit while earning my degrees, but now I’m back at it. My friends usually ask how I am able to afford traveling or they jokingly tell me to stop going on vacation. So, I was inspired by my recent to trip to Scandinavia to share my travel tips and impressions with others with the hope that they would be able to recreate adventures with tailored twists of their own. Thanks for joining me on this journey of knowing the world, as well as myself.

Countries I’ve visited so far:


Africa: Tunisia

Asia: South Korea, Japan

Europe: Germany, England, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, The Holy See (Vatican), Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Montenegro, Ireland

North America & Caribbean: United States, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas & St. Martin), Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Martinique, Nassau Bahamas

Central America: Belize

US States Visited: